When our scheduled speaker for our January 6 meeting had to cancel at the last minute, London Bridge Rotary members were treated to hear from Bob and Carrie Hemme, who were visitng our club, about the status of their water project in remote India.
Bob and Carrie are both active, committed Rotarians who truly understand from first-hand experience the difference a relative few dollars can make in quality of life when used to solve very real problems with sustainable solutions.
It was a pleasure to hear their first-hand knowledge of the area to be served, and the relationships they have formed with leaders there.  A new club was formed in India of leaders located closer to the area to be served.  Bob and Carrie were instrumental in convincing members of an Indian club to set aside long-imbedded biases in order to let the four-way test answer who should be served by Rotary service.
Through our participation in the matching grant that will make this next water project possible, our club is a part of helping Bob and Carrie witness another miraculous change as water becomes available with much less toil and struggle.  When completed, local women will be able to spend less time finding and carrying water and more time nurturing their families.  Their travel to India relating to the water projects has been at their own expense.  Getting to the area to be served is a slow, difficult journey.  They have a true appreciation of the need.
It was a pleasure to hear firsthand about the transformational change we are able to be a part of through a matching grant form The Rotary Foundation.