Note that there will be no coin sales assignments between Christmas and New Years. 
Beginning January 1, we will be experimenting with a coin schedule that reduces the number of times we will each be assigned to sell coins, but each shift assignment is three hours long.  We will sell from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  There will be no second shift, so the Rotarians on duty will needopen and close the "coin shack" when they arrive and secure the shack before leaving. 
This experiment was approved by the board in response to complaints about the number and frequency of sales assignments.  If we want this experiment to work, and become our new standard, it will need to result in the same or higher volume of weekly sales totals.   In order for that to happen, we will each need to increase our personal sales goals for each shift we work.
The spring sales schedule will be available from the download tab on our website or from the download section of the weekly newsletter.