2014 Student Reports

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A Remarkable Experience…


Spending a month in England, attending school, and experiencing London life to the extreme appears “too good to be true,” but in reality, this opportunity was made possible by the London Bridge Rotary Club in Lake Havasu. I owe them my many thanks and sincere gratitude for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to live and travel in London. When I originally applied for this scholarship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now, having just returned to the States, I realize that I am now a global citizen, an international traveler, and a more mature individual. Having traveled over 16,000 miles this summer, I find myself more independent and confident in my abilities.

The culture in London is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Growing up in Arizona, I was unprepared for the bustling city, the raging diversity, the surprisingly efficient public transportation, and the history. It was fantastic! Honestly, after four weeks immersed in London, seeing the sites and traveling constantly, I feel as if there is still so much to learn, despite my prolonged visit. I definitely want to go back again.

Personally, I found it helpful to keep a blog while away. My blog focused on my day-to-day adventures, paired with funny anecdotes and lots of pictures, in part to help keep my family, friends, and LBRC involved, and also for myself. I didn’t want to forget anything that happened while abroad, and blogging is an excellent way to ensure my memories stay intact. In case you want to take a look at my trip, my blog can still be found at: sarahintheunitedkingdom.blogspot.com

Now, in regards to my class: I was enrolled in Londinium to the Blitz: London Through its Museums with the University of Westminster. My class was honestly one of the most informative and interesting experiences to date. We met every day in different parts of London, traveling through museums and surrounding historical areas, truly getting the “feel” of the city – both with the  pre-Roman and post-Roman expansion. In comparison to my friends in other classes, my class spent the most time outside experiencing the city, while they spent the majority of their time inside the university in a lecture. My professor was engaging, the city was lively, and my classmates were uniquely entertaining. I highly recommend this class, and other past LBRC recipients also advocate for this class (hint hint).

As a LBRC scholar, I was able to participate in activities not available to the general public. I first had the opportunity to see the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London – a tradition that has been uninterrupted every night for 700 years. Truly, it was awesome. Next, I toured Guild Hall in the heart of the City of London, had the opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor, and then attend a Common Council meeting. The same day I also toured the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House, located at Bank tube station, conveniently located adjacent to the Bank of London and the Royal Exchange. These special opportunities provided to LBRC scholars, paired with flexible flights and a phenomenal support system both in Lake Havasu and affiliates in London, made this trip remarkable. So, thank-you London Bridge Rotary Club, and best of luck to you upcoming recipients. Enjoy!