The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona grants scholarships for vocational training programs that are not part of a traditional four-year degree program.  Over our holiday break, I had the privilege of interviewing three applicants who applied for grants to attend a caregiver training course offered by a local program offered by Jennifer Newmann through her All About Care Academy.  While this career path may be very rewarding work for those with a heart for service, it is not rewarding financially.  It would be very difficult for anyone following this path to afford the state-mandated certification training without this scholarship opportunity.
It was a privilege to handle the interviews and, with the authority of our President, send the approval for funding on all three with our club's endorsement.  They will be invited to come to one of our meetings following their completion of the program.   Our club has no financial commitment, but in order to be a sponsoring club had to commit to conducting interviews of the applicants and giving them an opportunity to connect with our club.
Jeanie Morgan