Cindy Dione shared highlights from her weekend at RYLA in January.  Following her enthusiastic presentation, the club was treated to hearing from two of our club's RYLA delegates.  All felt the weekend was life-changing.  A key observation was that the delegates learned to be more accepting and less judgmental, learned to overcome their fears and understand they have the power to make a difference.
A visiting Rotarian presented her club's flag to President Gary
John Parrott reflected on his second term as President of our club. He invited Sandy Weber to be his guest and honored her for her dedication and hard work in co-chairing the club's last Adopt-A-Family Dinner before we switched to holding the Razr Raffle to gather funds for our Adopt-A-Family project.
David Simmer, a 5-year Rotarian from Sedona shared his evolving passion for the good Rotarians can accomplish in the world through The Rotary Foundation.  He joined Rotary so he could do good in his local community, and really enjoyed his work on his club's local book project.
After attending some Rotary events beyond the club level, David came to understand that so many things that we take for granted, like clean water, sanitation, and literacy, were not available to staggering numbers of people in the rest of the world.  He no longer felt he could share our planet with those who were so much less fortunate than he had been every day of his life without sharing his good fortune through not only giving, but for sharing his passion about our amazing foundation. 
If anyone was touched and wants to increase their foundation giving, go on-line to or see Jeanie Morgan, our club's current Foundation Chair.  The most efficient way to give is through Rotary Direct, which minimizes the opportunity for human error.