Dr. Linda Marquez Goodine presented the program - "Brain Matters - Simple Strategies for a Healthy Brain."  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the information she offered to share following the meeting.
It was a pleasure to hear health advice from someone who appears to put her advice into practice in her own life.
President Lois appeared to be asking for divine guidance as she led the meeting.  
Coin Chair, Ed Weber, reminded members to complete their order form prior to the parade if they want to take advantage of the member discount for the packaged sets of the #46 coin in our series.
Phil Hatch returned from his leave of absence.
Assistant Governor, Gary Gray, reminded members that our October 19 meeting will be the official visit from District Governor, Dan Messersmith, a member of the Kingman Route 66 Rotary Club
CLICK HERE to see our speaker draw a losing marble from the bag at the close of the meeting.