Our club learned about the variety of rescue operations required in Mohave County, and the diverse terrain served in the 6th largest county in the US (excluding Alaska).  Logistics for the team are further challenged by the physical barrier dividing the county since the northern area is on the opposite side of the Grand Canyon.  Important information for those who enjoy four-wheeling in the dessert:
1.  Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
2.  Take your cell phone with you, but realize you may not have service in remote areas.
4.  Take lots of sunscreen, water and extra non-perishable food.
3.  If you have an accident or run out of fuel, stay with your vehicle.
If the team has to send air surveillance to look for you, it will be much easier to spot your vehicle than it will be to spot an individual.
Looking at the bottom image, their body language makes it difficult to imagine that these members were waiting in line to pay "happy bucks!"