Gordon Bartlett introduced a new twist to the Rotary Moment during the Gray era.
Past Club Presidents will occasionally be asked to share highlights of their year.  Gary Kellogg was the first - since his term as our 15th President in 1984-85 is the first term of any Past President who is still a member of our club.  If you are not familiar with the significance of his pink shirt, take time to ask him why that is an icon for his year of service.
Gail Malay's retirement following ten years of service as Superintendent of the Lake Havasu Unified School District was celebrated along with our Nation's birthday when each Rotarian and guest present were treated to a special red, white, and blue desert.
Mitch Emerson showed another example of having more time on his hands than most members when he came up with yet another Sgt program challenging tables to come up with answers to questions involving statistical trivia.  The statistical trivia is proving to be a dependable money-making activity for the club.
By the way, if the quality of the photos is troubling you, you are asked to volunteer to take over being the club photographer during Gary Meyers' summer travels.