Roger Johnson shared memories of the year he led our club as President.  He also shared some highlights from the balloon festival balloon ride activities.  He looked a little surprised and dismayed when he was told he would be the chair of the balloonfest in 2017.   Is it the truth?
Steve Hamilton stumped most of the tables with some unusual and amusing trivia during the Sgt at Arms program.
Jerry Ernst introduced his son, Jason Ernst who intrigued club members with stories of his world travels.  Ann and Jerry listed as proud parents while Jason described his first trip abroad, which was a short exchange to Germany while in high school.  Later, he traveled to London as a recipient of one of our club's COLLBREF scholarships.  A world map showing the countries he has visited vs. the ones he has not visually illustrated the extent of his travels.  
Jason's fascination with being immersed in and learning about other cultures has never stopped.  He was able to figure out how to earn enough to fund his travels and provide a living utilizing internet access and his language and writing skills.