London Bridge Rotary Commemorative Coins


In 1970, when the London Bridge was dedicated in Lake Havasu City, the London Bridge Rotary Club sold a commemorative coin to memorialize the event.  Each year since then, they have introduced a new coin design.  It has become a tradition to introduce each new coin at the annual London Bridge Days Parade held each October.  The 2016-17 Coin is dedicated to the United States flag - "Stars and Stripes - Old Glory."

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The coin is available in color, antiqued nickel silver (standard coin), and in three-coin sets, including solid .999 fine, 1oz. silver coins and in the $150 "gold" set, solid .999 fine, 1oz. silver coins with 24kt. gold overlay.

The #46 Coin will be introduced Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the London Bridge Days Parade.  CLICK HERE to download a mail order form for the new coin.